Mainstreet Grill, DeLand

The Mainstreet Grill is located in downtown DeLand.

We love their food, the atmosphere, and the service. We also love the outdoor seating. The salads aren’t that great, and I don’t know why they serve you sweet cinnamon rolls before dinner (Mom said that was crazy) but the food is awesome! We’ll go again soon!

Goodfellas Pizza

Goodfellas in DeLand, FL

We have visited this place several times.  The only thing worth eating is the pizza.  We’ve tried other pasta dishes, they were cross.  Fettucini Alfredo tasted like noodles in milk, and their soup would’ve been good if the vegetables were cooked… the potatoes were raw.  When I told the waiter the Fettucini was awful, he didn’t offer to take it off my bill… even though I didn’t touch it.  

We went again, the spaghetti with meatsauce… let’s just say I’ve had store bought that was better. But again, the Pizzas are awesome!

When we ate outside, we got horrible service.


Red Lobster, Sanford

Yuck!  We didn’t take any photos.  The service was awesome, but the food was a drag, and expensive.  Mom & Ryan had fish and chips, and the fish was dry and very hard.  I had a two shrimp things; one was stuffed with crab and covered in a sauce, the sauce was rancid.  The other was simply grilled shrimp on a stick, it was okay, but it was covered in basil or something; Mom didn’t like it.

We were in the mood for seafood, and next time I think we’ll find another place!

We’ve gone back to Texas Roadhouse several times, and we’re never disappointed!  Their food and service is always awesome.