About Me

I may be just a kid, but I’m always on the computer, and I love to write.  I asked my Mom if I could start a Blog, and she said yes!  We don’t go out much, because Mom is always working, but when we do, it’s a big deal.  I’m going to be reviewing some of the places we go, from a kid’s point of view!

I mentioned that I love to write, so I thought I could write some of my stories on this blog, so my Mom can review and proofread it for me.  She can coach me on becoming a better writer.  I figure if I practice, I’ll get really good at it!  I hope that by the time I’m in Middle School, I’ll know how to be a professional blogger, and that might just help me decide what I want to be when I grow up!

Welcome to my Blog!



Just me at Halloween!



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